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Introduce Squoosh.app

Squoosh is the ultimate image optimizer that allows you to compress and compare images with different codecs in your browser.


Squoosh is an image optimization tool that allows users to compress and compare images with different codecs directly in their web browser [1]. It is an open-source product developed by Google Chrome Labs, with a desktop app version as well [2]. The web app is user-friendly and efficient, providing options to convert images from PNG and JPEG to WebP format, which helps reduce image sizes while maintaining quality [7]. Additionally, Squoosh ensures privacy by not sending images to external servers during the compression process [5].

The Squoosh desktop app, created by Matias Benedetto, offers a multiplatform solution to optimize, resize, compress, and convert images [8]. Users can organize apps and accounts into tidy collections with Spaces and perform image comparisons with different codecs directly within the browser [11]. The desktop app version further extends the functionality of Squoosh, making it convenient for users who prefer using standalone applications.

Overall, Squoosh is a versatile and handy tool recommended by Google for its image compression capabilities [9]. Whether using the web app or desktop version, Squoosh provides an effective means to optimize images, making it a valuable resource for web developers and designers alike [6].

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If you are professional designer or editor, strongly recommend download the Squoosh desktop edition. You will get more better experience .

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