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Reclaim AI is a smart scheduling app that uses artificial intelligence to help teams optimize their schedules. It can automatically schedule tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks, ultimately creating more time for teams. The app integrates with Google Calendar and Slack, making it a powerful productivity tool.

Introduce Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI is a versatile productivity app that offers features for time tracking, task management, habit tracking, and smart scheduling. It is designed to help individuals and teams optimize their time, improve work-life balance, and prevent burnout. Reclaim AI leverages artificial intelligence to create more efficient schedules, automates tasks, and provides valuable insights into time management.

Features and Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits of Reclaim AI:

  • Time Tracking: Reclaim AI allows users to automatically track the time spent on various activities, including meetings, tasks, habits, and personal time off (PTO). This feature provides a clear overview of how time is allocated throughout the day.
  • Smart Scheduling: The app uses AI algorithms to auto-schedule tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks, enabling users to make the most of their available time. This feature can increase productivity by optimizing the order and timing of activities.
  • Task Management: Reclaim AI integrates with task management software, enabling users to seamlessly manage time blocks on their calendars. This ensures that to-do items are scheduled and not overlooked.
  • Habit Tracking: Users can define habits and instruct Reclaim AI to look for specific keywords on their calendars. The app then helps users stay on track with their routines and habits by avoiding duplications.
  • Work-Life Balance Metrics: Reclaim AI provides metrics and insights to help users maintain a healthy work-life balance. It helps users identify areas where they may be overcommitting or not allocating enough time to important tasks.
  • Integration: Reclaim AI offers integration with other tools, such as Google Calendar and Raycast, making it convenient for users to schedule and manage their time efficiently.


Reclaim AI is a powerful app that combines time tracking, smart scheduling, task management, and habit tracking to enhance productivity and prevent burnout. Its AI-driven features automate many aspects of time management, helping individuals and teams make the most of their time.


Reclaim AI addresses a common challenge in modern work environments – time management. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it offers practical solutions to improve productivity, maintain work-life balance, and reduce the risk of burnout. Its integration capabilities make it a versatile tool for users looking to streamline their scheduling and time tracking processes.


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reclaim.ai.Smart.AI .scheduling
reclaim.ai.Smart.AI .scheduling




Features and Benefits

  • AI-Powered Scheduling: Reclaim AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze your priorities and create an optimized schedule, saving you time and effort.
  • Integration with Google Calendar: The app seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to manage your schedule within your existing calendar system.
  • Slack Integration: Reclaim AI offers an integration with Slack, making it easy to access and control your calendar directly from Slack.

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