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Besttool.ai is an AI product aggregation website and is a subsidiary website of mountainrange, Inc.

Let’s talk about why I want to build this website.

Two years ago, I left a giant electric vehicle company. I saw the complexity of the work and the urgent need to improve efficiency, but I was at a loss. At this time, AI just started to sprout. In the past year, various AI products have sprung up everywhere, and I fell into another problem, how to choose better AI tools, how to choose the best AI products, This is my topic, and I believe this problem is also a problem for many people.

I came to solve him and made this website. I hope I can help everyone.

For our company, MountainRange, Inc is a consulting company focusing on the technology field. I hope to be able to use my experience working in technology companies over the past 20 years or so to help a lot of people. I mainly focus on the fields of AI, digitalization of electric vehicles, and automated workflow.

Thank you everyone, any friend is welcome to contact me and leave me a message or email.

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