Best Free Tools for AI Content Detect and Check

Best 8 Free AI Content Detector and Checker (2024)

Content has transformed the digital landscape in recent years. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI, was launched in 2022 and created a buzz among various industries worldwide. It also raised ethical issues and challenged the conventional notion of creativity. In this fast-changing digital era, reading or writing content requires a new skill: distinguishing between human and AI authors.

That’s where AI content detector and checkers come in handy. These tools analyze written content for originality, giving an estimate of how much of it was human-written and how much was AI-generated.

There are different types of AI detectors available, ranging from expensive software to free browser extensions. In this article, we’ll focus on the best free AI content detector and checkers that can help you keep up with the creative trends.

1. Writer’s AI Content Detector


An AI writing platform itself, Writer’s AI content detector is a free online tool that allows users to enter up to 1,500 characters at a time.

It’s extremely user-friendly, with an interface that’s easy to navigate and nice to look at, offering a percentage detection score to signify how much of any given text is human generated.

To use this checker, simply add your text into the box, click analyze text, and watch as it works its magic.

1.writer.comai content detector

2. Originality.AI


Created by content marketers and AI experts, Originality.AI is a plagiarism checker and AI detector with several platforms available.

Among other versions of their AI detection software, Originality.AI’s free Chrome extension makes their industry-leading detection widely accessible and available to use on any piece of digital content with up to 94% accuracy.

Whether you’re reviewing a written document or assessing a website, simply highlight the text you want to check and use the extension to give it a speedy assessment. When completed, you’ll be given two percentages showing the levels of “original” and “AI-generated” content. .pricing



ContentDetector.AI identifies any written text material that is AI generated, including Chat GPT, GPT 3, and GPT 4 written content, and delivers an estimated percentage score based on the likelihood that the text content was generated by AI tools or software. In addition to that, it can count words and is completely free to use.

This online AI content detector is not only easy to use but also has a lot of functionality and most importantly, it’s a free AI content detector. It is a ChatGPT plagiarism detector, a GPT 3 content detector, GPT 4 content detector, and a Jarvis AI content detector. You only need to copy and paste the content into the text field to check.

Thousands of users like our application, and it is used by bloggers and academics to identify any article containing AI-generated stuff.

4. Copyleaks


Devoted entirely to checking the authenticity of content, Copyleaks provides award-winning AI-based text analysis, offering a plagiarism detector and AI grader as well as their AI content detector. This tool is extremely simple to navigate, utilizing an easy copy-and-paste solution that generates an assessment within seconds.

Any content that is deemed to be AI-generated will be highlighted in red, with the option to hover over the different sections of text to view the percentage probability for AI generation.



Content at Scale is a content-marketing AI automation platform that claims to produce undetectable content ‒ deemed as “94% human” by other content checkers. Using this tools, only need to paste or write your content below, and you’ll know within seconds using our AI content detector if any of it is written by AI. Detector works at a deeper level than a generic AI classifier and detects robotic sounding content. Final, the page will display 3 scores about Predictability, Probability, and Pattern. One tip: which has a limit of 25,000 words (Content at Scale also recommends entering at least 25 words for fully reliable results).

6. Crossplag

This is a Better AI Tools for Students

A tool recommended by a netizen, Crossplag, is also a free and easy-to-use content detection tool. When I paste some content I wrote into the text box and click the Check button, the probability will be displayed on the right , telling me it might have been written by a human, or it might have been machine-generated. Thanks Susan.

There are multiple versions of Crossplag, both Free and paid. Up to 1000 words is free, and charges start after this amount.
In addition, for students, this tool also provides a mode of charging according to the number of users, which can help students who write papers to quickly detect whether the papers they write are suspected of plagiarism (hahahaha)
Finally, this tool also provides an API, which developers can use conveniently for secondary development. As I write this, I am eager to try it.

7. ZeroGPT – ChatGPT AI Content Detector

ZeroGPT is an AI content detection tool designed to identify and detect AI-generated text, particularly from language models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and other AI writing systems. It serves as a plagiarism detector for content created by AI, making it a valuable tool for teachers and educators to detect AI-generated essays. The tool boasts high accuracy and simplicity, allowing users to easily check up to 50,000 characters for AI plagiarism in seconds.

8. GPTZero – The AI Detector for ChatGPT and GPT-4

GPTZero is an advanced AI detection tool designed to detect content generated by AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4. It aims to bring transparency to the world of AI-generated content by providing efficient and accurate detection capabilities. The tool is being used in various contexts, including education to combat plagiarism and misuse of AI-generated text in classrooms.

GPTZero has established itself as a trusted and accurate AI detector, providing valuable assistance to educators, writers, and individuals navigating a world filled with AI-generated content.


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