Vimcal – The World’s Fastest Calendar for Remote Work



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Download Vimcal

Website: https://www.vimcal.com/

iOS: https://www.vimcal.com/downloads/ios

Macbook App: https://www.vimcal.com/downloads/mac

Win App: https://www.vimcal.com/downloads/windows

Twitter & X: https://twitter.com/vimcal

Vimcal - The World's Fastest Calendar for Remote Work

Vimcal is a fast and efficient calendar designed specifically for remote work. It enables users to schedule with ease across different time zones, making it ideal for teams that work from various locations. The calendar comes with a range of features, including booking links, keyboard shortcuts, and color coding to enhance productivity and organization.

Pricing and product

Pricing information for Vimcal can be found on their website [3]. Additionally, they offer dedicated desktop apps for both Windows [5] and Mac [6], as well as a mobile app for iOS [7], allowing users to access and manage their calendars conveniently on different platforms.

For executive assistants, virtual assistants, chiefs of staff, secretaries, and other admins who schedule on behalf of others, there is a specific version of Vimcal called "Maestro" [9]. This version is tailored to meet the needs of individuals managing schedules for others.

Furthermore, Vimcal provides the option to download a "2022 Vimcal Rewind" app [8], although the details of what this feature entails are not specified in the search results.



Vimcal appears to be a comprehensive calendar tool aimed at streamlining scheduling processes for remote teams, offering convenient features to enhance productivity.


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9. Maestro - The only calendar designed for EAs


Vimcal seems to focus on providing a calendar solution that caters specifically to the needs of remote teams. With the rise of remote work and distributed teams, managing schedules across different time zones and coordinating efficiently can be challenging. By offering features like booking links, keyboard shortcuts, and color coding, Vimcal aims to make scheduling easier and more intuitive for remote workers.

The availability of dedicated desktop and mobile apps indicates that Vimcal is committed to providing a seamless user experience across various devices and platforms, ensuring users can access and update their calendars conveniently.

Moreover, the existence of a specialized version called "Maestro" designed for executive assistants and admins highlights the flexibility of Vimcal to cater to different user roles and requirements.

For potential users considering Vimcal, it would be beneficial to explore the pricing details [3] and understand the specific features and benefits offered in the "2022 Vimcal Rewind" app [8]. Additionally, connecting with Vimcal on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can provide further insights into the company's updates and community engagement.

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