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Key Points: Replace text in AI-generated images

What is Textify?

Textify is a tool for replacing the gibberish in AI-generated images with your desired text.

You know how most image generators create gibberish for text? This is an AI tool to fix that. Upload your image that has weird text, type what it was supposed to say, and watch as this tool actually fixes and replaces the text in the image.


Storia Textify is an AI-powered tool developed by Storia AI that allows users to replace nonsensical text in AI-generated images with their preferred text. This user-friendly tool is designed to enhance the control users have over the text content within images generated by artificial intelligence.

It offers a simple and intuitive interface, enabling users to upload their own images and customize the text as needed.

Storia Textify aims to provide a solution for modifying and personalizing AI-generated images, making it useful for tasks such as refining book covers, birthday cards, film posters, and more.

The tool leverages AI technology to seamlessly replace existing text or entirely remove it, enabling users to tailor the text to their creative vision.


This tool finds application in a variety of creative projects, such as adjusting text on book covers, birthday cards, film posters, and other AI-generated visuals. It's especially helpful when the initial AI-generated text doesn't align perfectly with the intended message.

Storia Textify bridges this gap by allowing users to refine and customize the text, ensuring that the final product meets their artistic and communicative requirements.

The tool's accessibility and ease of use make it a valuable asset for those who want to make AI-generated content more tailored and coherent to their needs.

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