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Key Points: productivity, automate active tab management, Free plan with 3 workspaces, Free Chrome Extension


TabHub is an all-in-one tab and link management platform designed to enhance online productivity. It offers tools to automate active tab management, track browsing time, and collaborate effectively through workspaces and exploration.

Users can save links from various sources, declutter their browser, and easily share links.

The platform includes features such as tab and session management, as well as a pinning function for smart grouping with AI.

TabHub is available as a browser extension on the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge add-ons. For more information, users can visit their official website, check out their documentation, blog, and Twitter account@tabhub.io.

The platform's focus on enhancing tab organization and productivity, along with its collaboration features, makes it a valuable tool for efficient online work and browsing.


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