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Surmount AI- Invest smarter with data-driven strategies

Surmount AI is a company that offers a range of services related to automated investing and artificial intelligence.

Features and Benefits

1. Automated Investing

Surmount AI provides a platform for automated investing, allowing users to manage their investments using data-driven strategies with proven track records. This platform is designed to make investing simpler and more efficient for both individual investors and institutions.

2. Hands-Free Trading

The company empowers average investors with hands-free trading solutions, making it easier for individuals to participate in the financial markets.

3. Author-First Platform

Surmount AI offers an author-first platform that provides authors with tools to build innovative strategies. This includes an in-browser IDE and resource management tools, indicating a focus on supporting authors in developing unique investment approaches.

4. Custom Solutions for Institutional Clients

In addition to individual investors, Surmount AI offers custom solutions for institutional clients. Their developers can assist institutions in building custom trading backends tailored to their specific needs.

5. Access to Proven Trading Strategies

The platform allows users to access and evaluate various trading strategies, including those based on artificial intelligence and rule-based logic. It simplifies the process of finding and using trading strategies, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Company Information

Surmount AI is described as an advanced artificial intelligence platform that empowers businesses with data-driven insights and automation solutions. They emphasize that they do not provide personalized financial advice or issue recommendations to buy or sell securities.

Hiring Opportunities

The company occasionally hires individuals for various positions. Those interested in working for Surmount AI can inquire about job opportunities by emailing [email protected].

Company Profile

Surmount AI participated in the Techstars program in 2022, indicating its involvement in the financial services industry. It is described as a relatively small company with 2-10 employees and operates as a privately held entity.

In summary

Surmount AI is a company that focuses on automating and simplifying the investment process for both individual and institutional investors. They provide a platform for accessing and using data-driven trading strategies, and they also offer custom solutions for institutions. Additionally, they support authors in building innovative strategies and occasionally hire individuals for various positions.



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