Spinach.io: Your AI Scrum Master for Agile Teams



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Spinach.io: Your AI Scrum Master for Agile Teams

Spinach.io is a platform designed specifically for agile teams to enhance their workflow and collaboration. It offers features to streamline Scrum meetings and improve team efficiency.

Product and User Experience

The AI-powered Scrum Master, fueled by the GPT-4 API, provides accurate meeting summaries, action items, and even suggests updates for Jira tickets. It seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Slack, Notion, Confluence, Google Meet, and Zoom, ensuring that meeting summaries and action items are readily available in your preferred platform.

The Spinach Starter plan is available for free and includes unlimited users and meeting summaries with access to the Slack integration. For more advanced features, there's a Pro plan. Spinach offers the convenience of integration with various platforms, including Zoom and Google Meet, to facilitate standup meetings and provide instant notes without the need for a dedicated scrum master. The platform ensures security through data transfer encryption using HTTPS and SSL/TLS when interacting with AWS S3.

To experience Spinach.io, you can try it without creating an account. Simply add [email protected] to your calendar invite, and an AI-generated summary will be emailed to you after the meeting. If you have any inquiries or feedback, the Spinach team welcomes your questions and suggestions through their contact page.

In conclusion

Spinach.io aims to enhance agile team collaboration by providing AI-powered assistance in Scrum meetings, generating meeting summaries, managing action items, and suggesting updates for Jira tickets. Its integration with popular platforms like Slack, Notion, Confluence, Google Meet, and Zoom makes it a versatile tool for optimizing team efficiency and collaboration.


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