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Speak Ai: Converting Media Content into Valuable Insights

Speak Ai is a platform that assists marketing and research teams in converting unstructured audio, video, and text into valuable insights through transcription and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques[1]. The platform offers various plans tailored to different needs.

It provides automated transcription services that use AI to swiftly convert audio and video content into text, with pricing starting at $0.15 per minute. Additionally, Speak Ai serves as an audio to text converter, identifying key insights within media content, and offers 30 minutes of free transcription upon signing up.

Researchers can benefit from Speak Ai's qualitative data analysis software, streamlining data transcription, analysis, and sharing processes[5]. The platform also provides free tools for speech and text analysis, enabling users to capture audio and experiment with sentiment analysis[9]. The company's website also shares their vision, product details, and the problems they address for over 2000 users[8].

If you're looking to utilize the platform, they offer an easy-to-use audio recorder function[11]. Speak Ai's technology provides a comprehensive solution for converting audio, video, and text into valuable insights for marketing and research purposes.


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