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AskCodi - AI Coding Assistant

AskCodi is an AI coding assistant developed by Assistiv.ai that serves as a pair programmer for developers, assisting with coding tasks.

AskCodi is powered by OpenAI Codex, making it a reliable tool for generating code and assisting with various programming tasks. It aims to simplify the coding process and enhance developer productivity.

Features and Benefits

It harnesses the power of AI and pair programming to help developers code more efficiently and effectively. With AskCodi, developers can ask for assistance in writing code, and it can generate code, answer programming questions, and more.

AskCodi is designed to help freelancers and developers finish tasks faster by automating the coding process. It acts as a coding partner, enabling developers to stay in their code editor, code faster, and dedicate more time to building their projects.


In summary

AskCodi is an AI coding assistant that developers can use to streamline their coding workflow, write code faster, and get answers to their programming questions. It is a valuable tool for both individual developers and freelancers looking to boost their productivity in the coding world.


If you have any questions about AskCodi or how it works, you can find in-depth answers in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their website. Additionally, you can access reviews and ratings for AskCodi on platforms like TrustRadius to learn more about the user experience and benefits.

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