Scribble Data-Empowering Enterprises with AI-powered Data Products



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Scribble Data: Empowering Enterprises with AI-powered Data Products

Scribble Data is a prominent company specializing in machine learning and generative AI, dedicated to assisting enterprises in creating AI-powered data products for advanced analytics. With their core platform Enrich, Scribble Data offers a powerful and innovative solution for solving complex analytics problems using low-code data products. This article explores Scribble Data's commitment to providing reliable data solutions, their recent introduction of Hasper, and their role in shaping the landscape of generative AI and machine learning.

Use Generative AI and machine learning to build low-code data products for advanced analytics challenges

Core Platform and Data Solutions

Scribble Data's Enrich platform serves as a powerful tool for enterprises seeking advanced analytics solutions. With a focus on data trustworthiness, they offer a range of data products catering to businesses' diverse analytics needs. Their mission is to empower businesses to make informed decisions by providing reliable data solutions.

Advancing AI and Introduction of Hasper

Recently, Scribble Data introduced Hasper, an applied AI data products engine, showcasing their dedication to advancing the field of machine learning and generative AI. Their Enrich Intelligence Platform remains at the forefront of their offerings, providing cutting-edge solutions to tackle advanced analytics challenges. As a venture capital-backed company, Scribble Data continues to shape the landscape of generative AI and machine learning, enabling enterprises to derive meaningful insights from their data.


Scribble Data stands as a leading player in the field of generative AI and machine learning. Their commitment to empowering enterprises with innovative data products for advanced analytics is evident through their Enrich platform and the recent introduction of Hasper. As they actively expand their team and drive growth, Scribble Data continues to contribute to the development and capabilities of AI-driven data solutions for businesses.


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