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Discover ProApp, an online platform offering AI-powered design courses and resources for individuals interested in UI/UX design.

Design Courses and Resources

ProApp provides an extensive selection of over 75 bite-sized online design courses, blogs, design challenges, and live workshops conducted by design experts. These resources cater to both aspiring designers and professionals, offering flexibility and affordability.

Participants can put their learning into practice through over 250 design challenges, receiving valuable feedback from the design community. Specialized courses, such as Mobile App Design, UX Design, Design Systems, and Design Management, cover various aspects of design education.

UX/UI Design Course

ProApp's UX Design Course teaches user experience principles from scratch. It covers topics such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, and more, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of UX/UI design.

Design Thinking Challenge

For those interested in design approaches, ProApp offers a Design Thinking Challenge that enables participants to apply design thinking principles to solve real-world problems creatively.

Material Design Course

ProApp's Material Design Course guides individuals in creating unique interfaces through layouts, colors, styles, and more, enhancing their design skills and creativity.

Digital Design College

ProApp aims to serve as a comprehensive digital design college, offering a wide range of resources to help individuals kickstart or advance their design careers. From educational content to practice opportunities and industry trend updates, ProApp covers it all.

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