Pixcap- Integrating 3D and AI for Cutting-Edge Graphic Design



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Pixcap: Integrating 3D and AI for Cutting-Edge Graphic Design

Pixcap is a cutting-edge graphic design tool that seamlessly integrates 3D and AI capabilities within a single platform. Users can harness the power of combining 3D elements with AI technology to generate diverse design iterations.

The tool provides access to a vast library of over 10,000 free and premium 3D elements designed for various purposes, including video animation and AI-generated designs. With Pixcap's AI Stylist feature, users can effortlessly create unlimited design outputs by effortlessly dragging and dropping 3D elements and utilizing AI.

User Experience and AI Product Features

Pixcap stands out with its innovative approach to graphic design. Animator Cyril Nie's comparison of Pixcap to Maya highlighted Pixcap's exceptional speed performance, surpassing Maya in animation tasks. The Pixcap 3D Library boasts thousands of 3D models, templates, and animations, complemented by the powerful Pixcap Editor for comprehensive 3D editing and animation tasks.

A comprehensive introductory YouTube video showcases Pixcap's key features, including control, free exports, keyframe reduction, and animation layers. The platform's presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allows users to engage with design examples and receive updates on Pixcap's advancements.


Pixcap redefines graphic design by seamlessly integrating 3D elements and AI technology. Its vast library of 3D elements, combined with the AI Stylist feature, empowers users to create an array of design iterations effortlessly. The platform's impact on 3D graphic design is highlighted in a case study showcasing how Pixcap enhances design workflows using deep image AI techniques. As a cloud-based collaborative platform, Pixcap simplifies the process of creating 3D animations on the web.


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