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Pitchlane, founded by Ryane and Patrick, is a unique piece of software designed to scale your video outreach methods. Your cold emails convert better by using personalised videos for each prospect, on a mass scale, which is a lot more effective than a plain text cold email or message.

Pitchlane is a platform that helps sales professionals automate their outreach efforts through personalized videos. By using Pitchlane, users can generate thousands of personalized videos in just 15 minutes, which can significantly increase the rate of meetings booked. The platform offers tools to create customized landing pages for each video[6].

With Pitchlane, sales teams can easily create hundreds of personalized videos for their sales outreach[5]. These videos can be scaled to reach a larger audience, enabling outstanding outreach efforts[3]. The platform is designed to streamline the process of creating videos and increase the effectiveness of meeting rates[6].

If you're interested in exploring how Pitchlane can improve your outreach strategy, you can schedule a 30-minute call with their team. During this call, they will review your current outreach strategy and provide actionable steps to establish or improve your video outreach strategy[4].

Pitchlane's website is located at [1]. You can also find more information about Pitchlane on their LinkedIn page, which mentions their focus on software development industries[3].

Overall, Pitchlane offers a convenient solution for sales professionals to automate their outreach efforts through personalized videos. It simplifies the process of creating videos and has the potential to significantly improve meeting rates, making it a valuable tool for sales teams.


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