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Permar AI is a platform that offers a quick and optimized solution for creating landing pages that can effectively convert visitors into customers. Their service takes away the guesswork involved in designing landing pages. The pricing details for Permar AI can be found on their pricing page. Permar AI aims to simplify the process of generating landing pages by providing conversion rate optimized templates . The imprint section on their website provides information about the company and its management. Their privacy policy can be accessed on the Permar AI website. Additionally, there is a separate web page for CourseKit, which is a flexible learning management system (LMS) template designed for selling video content . Permar AI also has an account creation page for users who want to sign up and access their services . Their terms of service can be reviewed on the platform.

In summary, Permar AI is a platform that offers conversion rate optimized landing page creation services. They provide optimized templates, pricing information, and a privacy policy. Additionally, they have a separate web page for CourseKit, a learning management system template, and an account creation page for users.

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