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Key Points: AI Security Analyst, Review Scripts for Malware, Compliance Helper

otto-Bot AI Security Analyst

otto-Bot is the world's first AI security and compliance expert designed to provide groundbreaking capabilities in the field of cybersecurity. It offers continuous monitoring and analysis of 1st, 3rd, and Nth-party script behavior and vulnerabilities, making it a powerful tool for protecting websites from potential threats.

The AI-powered predictive technology employed by otto-Bot ensures automated, real-time protection for websites, offering accurate and intelligent detection and protection against malware and other security risks

Let otto-Bot help you do everything!

Security Analyst

Have fluid live conversations with otto-Bot to get answers to your security and compliance questions in real time. Ask otto-Bot to research specific security or compliance topics and get back to you with a summary of the findings within minutes. Best of all you can save research conversations, and pick up where you left off.

Review Scripts for Malware

otto-Bot is integrated with your existing otto-js security and compliance tools. You can ask otto-Bot to review scripts in ottoBox, tell you if a script is malicious, and ask questions about any script found on your website. otto-Bot can advise you on steps to take to ensure your site is safe.

Compliance Helper & Guide

Get compliance assistance with tasks like creating and managing policies, conducting audits, and resolving compliance issues. Ask otto-Bot questions along the way and save conversations for later.

Open Source

Open Source or API