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Studio Lite by MatchTune - Find the Perfect Music for Your Videos

Studio Lite by MatchTune is a powerful tool designed for creators to enhance their videos with synchronized music. It offers an efficient way to discover the ideal soundtrack that matches the duration of your video.

User experience and product features

With the help of AI-powered music search, this tool enables users to swiftly locate the most fitting music for their videos, saving valuable time in the creative process.

Studio Lite can be seamlessly integrated with Adobe software through its plugin, allowing Adobe users to access its features conveniently.

Furthermore, Studio Lite comes with smart filters, enhancing the search experience and aiding users in finding the best-matched music for their video content.

Additionally, the tool offers a 'Playlists' tab to help users organize their favorite songs, contributing to a more streamlined workflow.

For creators seeking to enrich their videos with licensed music, Studio Lite provides a solution that automates the process of finding and synchronizing music, allowing videos to be ready for publishing on social media platforms.

With its AI-driven approach, Studio Lite analyzes video content for style, content, and rhythm, enabling users to seamlessly integrate music that complements their visual creations.

In addition to Studio Lite, MatchTune offers other applications like Audioatlas by MatchTune, which is a natural language search engine designed to help users discover licensable music for videos and podcasts using their own natural language queries.

The suite of apps by Philippe GUILLAUD, including Studio by MatchTune, TuneBlades by MatchTune, and more, provides creators with a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing their creative projects.

In summary

Studio Lite by MatchTune offers creators a user-friendly solution for finding the perfect music to accompany their videos. With AI-powered music search, smart filters, and seamless integration with Adobe software, this tool streamlines the process of adding licensed music to videos, enhancing their overall impact on social media platforms and beyond.

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