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What's Kadoa

Kadoa is an AI-powered web scraping platform that simplifies the process of extracting data from websites.

Product Features

By defining data, sources, and schedules, Kadoa automatically generates scrapers and transforms the extracted data. It offers data extraction workflows that work on autopilot, eliminating the need to deal with manual scrapers, mappers, or APIs.

The platform is particularly useful for businesses and organizations looking to extract valuable insights from unstructured data sources with ease.

Kadoa's technology is built upon generative AI, allowing it to create web scrapers and automatically extract data, making the process efficient and accurate. Whether for job data extraction or other purposes, Kadoa's capabilities are designed to streamline the process, saving users time and effort.

The platform's effectiveness and accuracy are highlighted as its key features, allowing users to extract the data they need without the hassle of building custom scrapers or dealing with unstructured data. Kadoa's mission is to empower businesses by enabling them to extract insights from web data efficiently, thus enabling them to focus on their core tasks.

In conclusion

Kadoa offers an AI-driven solution for web scraping that simplifies the data extraction process, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to gather insights from online sources. Its automated workflows and focus on accuracy set it apart as an efficient solution for data extraction needs.


Kadoa-AI-powered web scraping platform
Kadoa-AI-powered web scraping platform

Kadoa-pricing-AI-powered web scraping platform
Kadoa-pricing-AI-powered web scraping platform

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