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Inworld AI Bringing AI NPCs to Life for Immersive Entertainment

Inworld AI is a cutting-edge platform that specializes in creating AI NPCs (Non-Player Characters) for immersive entertainment experiences, particularly in gaming and virtual worlds. They offer a comprehensive Character Engine for AI NPCs, going beyond traditional large language models (LLMs) and providing configurable AI characters [1].

Product and Services of InwordAI

The platform offers multiple services and features, including the Inworld Arcade, where users can engage in voice or text conversations with AI characters based on various media, such as video games, movies, and anime [3]. Additionally, the Inworld Studio allows users to create their own AI characters, NPCs, and chatbots to integrate into video games, entertainment projects, training simulations, or brand experiences [4].

Inworld AI was founded by experts in the field of conversational AI, who previously worked on Google's Dialogflow. The company is backed by reputable individuals known for their expertise in evaluating sophisticated technologies [5][7].

Their platform provides easy-to-use tools for creating, refining, and integrating character brains, allowing developers and creators to bring their AI characters to life effectively [8]. The pricing and plans are flexible, with options for custom pricing, development support, consulting, and advanced safety features [9].

Moreover, Inworld AI is not just a software company, but a community of scientists, engineers, designers, gamers, and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about redefining interactive storytelling and NPCs in media [10]. They even have a grant program, offering up to $1,000,000 in grants to trailblazers experimenting with new technology and pushing the boundaries of AI characters [11].

Summary by AI

Inworld AI is at the forefront of advancing AI NPCs and revolutionizing how interactive stories are told in the gaming and entertainment industries. With its powerful platform, creative community, and grant opportunities, Inworld AI is shaping the future of immersive entertainment through the innovative use of AI characters.


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