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InferKit AI-Powered Text Generation Tool

InferKit is a cutting-edge AI text generation platform that provides both a user-friendly web interface and a developer-friendly API. InferKit was Created by Adam Daniel King, InferKit harnesses the power of neural networks to generate text based on prompts or criteria. Whether you're a writer seeking inspiration or an app developer looking to integrate AI-generated content, InferKit offers versatile solutions.

InferKit user-friendly product AI features

InferKit offers a web-based interface and API, enabling users to input prompts or criteria, and in return, receive AI-generated text. It can be employed by writers, content creators, and developers to generate high-quality content efficiently. Notably, InferKit's interface and API have been designed to cater to both novelists and app developers alike. The platform's versatility has garnered interest from various sectors.

InferKit provides a free demo version, allowing users to explore its capabilities and witness its AI-driven text generation in action. The demo version empowers users to generate text according to specific criteria, offering a glimpse into the capabilities of this tool.

In addition to its user-friendly features, InferKit also offers a developer-friendly API. This API allows developers to integrate InferKit's text generation capabilities into their applications, enhancing the overall user experience. Developers can leverage InferKit's AI-driven text generation to provide dynamic content for their users.

With a state-of-the-art approach to text generation, InferKit has garnered attention as an innovative tool for various applications. Its ability to generate text based on prompts or criteria presents opportunities for creative writing, content creation, and application development. Whether you're an aspiring writer seeking inspiration or a developer aiming to enhance your app's content generation, InferKit offers a powerful solution through its web interface and API.


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Who are you?

InferKit was created by @AdamDanielKing. It leverages my experience creating and running one of the biggest AI demo sites on the web, Talk to Transformer. Owing to traffic from the Verge, the Next Web, Wired, the BBC and others, the site has reached millions of users.

Does my prompt get stored or used to train the network?

No. The network is already trained and does not learn from the inputs you give it. Nor do we store them.

Who owns the generated text?

This seems to be a complicated issue. We can't give legal advice, so if you rely on a solid answer you'll need to consult a legal professional. We do however waive any rights we may have in the text you generate and grant you licence to use it for any purpose (to the extent that we have that right), royalty-free and without warranty. You don't have to credit us anywhere.

To hint at the complexity of this issue, consider that the neural networks were originally: 1) designed and trained by large tech companies who licensed their code under the MIT license, 2) learned from millions of web pages containing content in which many people hold copyright, 3) are hosted by us (we waive all rights to the content) and 4) are conditioned on the prompt you give it (your own content).

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