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Hireguide - Interview Intelligence Platform

Hireguide is an interview intelligence platform that aims to help organizations hire the right talent by providing transcription, video, and training tools for their hiring teams . The company is built by LinkedIn alumni and startup experts who are dedicated to improving hiring solutions.

The platform is committed to making equitable hiring accessible to everyone and works towards eliminating bias in the hiring process. They also focus on creating a sense of community around hiring practices.

For those interested in a career with Hireguide, they offer opportunities to join their team of hiring experts.


Hireguide appears to be an innovative platform that leverages technology and expertise to improve the hiring process. With its transcription and video tools, it likely aims to enhance communication and decision-making during interviews. The focus on equitable hiring and bias elimination is a significant step towards fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which is an essential aspect of modern recruitment strategies. As the job market becomes more competitive and companies seek the best talent, tools like Hireguide may play a crucial role in streamlining the hiring process and finding the right fit for their teams.

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