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Introduce Guidde

Guidde- An AI platform for business, enabling teams to create video documentation 11x faster

Guidde: Revolutionizing Video Documentation with AI

Guidde is a cutting-edge generative AI platform tailored for businesses, providing a remarkable solution that accelerates the creation of video documentation by an impressive factor of 11 times. This innovative platform is designed to simplify the process of crafting how-to videos, eliminating the need for extensive design or video editing skills.


One of Guidde's standout features is its seamless integration into workflows, made possible through a convenient browser extension. This extension empowers users to capture video clips effortlessly at any given moment.

The capabilities of Guidde are nothing short of extraordinary. The platform harnesses AI to generate audio and offers the option of using studio-quality voices for video narration. Furthermore, it extends guidance on crafting AI-powered videos using renowned tools like Canva, D-ID, and ElevenLabs.

Guidde's impact on users has been overwhelmingly positive. Praises have poured in for its transformative nature and user-friendly interface. Reviews emphasize its efficacy in swiftly delivering vital knowledge and facilitating its dissemination to both customers and employees alike.

For those intrigued by AI-driven video creation, an alternative platform called Synthesia also merits consideration. Synthesia enables the generation of professional videos utilizing AI avatars and multilingual voiceovers. Notably, this can be achieved without the necessity of microphones, cameras, or actors.


Guidde is rapidly gaining traction in both business circles and among individuals seeking efficient and accessible methods for crafting video documentation through the power of AI technology. The platform aptly addresses the demand for streamlined video production processes, potentially enhancing communication and knowledge sharing within organizations.

For more information, visit the Guidde website.

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