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Glasp is a social web highlighter that allows users to highlight and organize quotes and thoughts from the web. It also provides access to content highlighted by like-minded individuals, fostering a community of learners [1]. This tool is available as a free Chrome extension, which enables users to quickly capture online content with colored highlighting options [2]. Glasp aims to empower curators to become creators and leave their digital legacies for future generations, emphasizing the value of shared knowledge [5]. With Glasp, users can conveniently highlight and organize quotes and ideas from the web without the need to switch back and forth between different platforms [6].

1. [Glasp](https://glasp.co/)
2. [Glasp - Chrome Web Store](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/glasp-social-web-highligh/blillmbchncajnhkjfdnincfndboieik)
5. [Glasp on Twitter](https://twitter.com/_Glasp)
6. [Glasp on Welcome.AI](https://welcome.ai/solution/glasp)

My insight Glasp provides a convenient solution for users to highlight and organize content they come across on the web. By allowing users to share their highlights and connect with like-minded individuals, it creates a collaborative learning environment. The Chrome extension feature further enhances the ease of capturing online content with customizable highlighting options. This tool can be valuable for individuals looking to curate and preserve knowledge while connecting with others who share similar interests.

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