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Frontitude - Comprehensive Solution for Managing Product Copy

Frontitude is a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for managing product copy from design to production. It caters to design and product teams, offering them a text-centric environment to handle their copy efficiently [1]. The platform offers different pricing plans suitable for various types of companies, ranging from startups to enterprises [3].

Product of Frontitude

One of the key features of Frontitude is its design tool integration, which allows users to sync their designs with the platform, facilitating seamless management and editing of copy [4]. Additionally, Frontitude has introduced a UX Writing Assistant, a Figma plugin powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5, that assists in writing improved UX copy [5] [10]. This feature suggests copy based on design elements, taking character limits and length into account.

Frontitude acts as a single source of truth, housing a Copy Library that aids teams in managing product copy throughout the entire product development life cycle [11]. For those looking to get started, Frontitude offers comprehensive help guides that cover all features, ensuring a smooth onboarding process [8].

To create a new project on Frontitude, users can upload content from their design files, a task that can be performed by anyone with editing access in the design tool [6]. Moreover, interested parties can book live demos or onboarding sessions to witness how Frontitude can streamline their copy management process [7].

Overall, Frontitude is a valuable platform for design and product teams seeking efficient and organized management of product copy from design to production. Its integration with design tools, AI-powered writing assistant, and comprehensive copy library make it a powerful tool for optimizing and streamlining copy-related workflows.


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