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[Formwise.ai](https://www.formwise.ai/) is a platform that allows users to design embeddable AI tools, forms, and widgets for their end users. These tools can be created without any coding and can be integrated into your own website, customized with your branding, and tailored to your specific prompts [1].

The platform also offers the ability to inject AI prompts into your forms, which can enhance user interaction and provide intelligent suggestions or guidance [1]. Additionally, Formwise.ai provides features such as trained AI personalities, which can power your forms and save your favorite prompts in one place [5].

For marketers, Formwise.ai offers creative ways to utilize GPT-3, an advanced AI model, to enhance their marketing strategies. The platform's blog provides insights and ideas on how marketers can leverage GPT-3 for various purposes [3].

To access Formwise.ai, users can sign in using their email and password or continue with their Google account [6]. The platform also offers a free account option, allowing users to create an account and explore the features [3].

Formwise.ai is a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals and businesses to integrate AI tools and forms into their websites, providing a seamless and interactive experience for their end users.


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