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I just would like to share and suggest Coach Marlee by Sydney-based Fingerprint for Success. 'Marlee' is the world's first AI coach and utilizes conversational AI technology to provide real-time developmental coaching to anyone with an internet connection for free. Marlee helps individuals and teams develop resourcefulness, emotional intelligence, creativity, and comfort with ambiguity, leading to a better understanding of themselves and others. With Marlee's assistance, 90% of users achieved their goals in as little as four weeks.

Fingerprint for Success: Elevating Performance Through Personalized Coaching

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a pioneering performance and collaboration platform that seamlessly melds AI technology with human coaching. The platform's innovative approach focuses on offering tailored online coaching to both individuals and teams, aiming to optimize performance in diverse areas of life and work.

Features of AI

The heart of F4S lies in its capability to recognize and target areas that warrant improvement. This is achieved through a mix of advanced AI technology and expert human coaches, creating a symbiotic strategy that crafts personalized coaching plans aligned with unique individual traits and goals. The world's first AI Coach, Marlee, exemplifies F4S's commitment to integrating technology into coaching, bolstering the platform's efficiency and reach.

F4S's offerings aren't just restricted to AI. They also extend to training programs for aspiring coaches, enabling them to join a global community of F4S Certified Coaches and People Leaders. This initiative underscores F4S's broader vision of nurturing a worldwide network dedicated to championing personal and professional growth.

A holistic approach is integral to F4S's philosophy, as evidenced by its optimal health coaching program, emphasizing weight, vitality, and energy management. The platform's suite of tools, which includes features like benchmarking, culture mapping, and talent ranking, offers a comprehensive strategy to enhance both personal and professional development.


The accessibility and versatility of F4S make it a trusted choice for those aiming for peak performance. With options tailored for individuals and teams, F4S ensures that personalized insights and coaching programs are within reach for its diverse clientele.


Business Solutions by Fingerprint for success.

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) not only provides personal services, but also provides many business solutions, which are widely praised and welcomed in the industry. You can click to view and find suitable solutions to solve internal problems and improve the overall efficiency of the company.


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