Contember – Open-Source Data-Driven Web Applications Platform



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Contember - Open-Source Data-Driven Web Applications Platform

Contember is an open-source platform designed to help developers quickly build and manage data-driven web applications. It enables users to turn their concepts into custom web apps within minutes while retaining full control over their code for adaptability and growth.

AI-Assisted Studio and Pricing

The platform provides AI-assisted tools to transform ideas into web apps and offers pricing plans that include the ability to create up to 10 new projects every month, as well as access to members-only discussions and weekly voting on new features.

Company Information and Job Opportunities

Contember is developed by Contember Limited, a company incorporated and registered in Ireland. They also offer job opportunities for building and running custom backends for frontend developers.

Flexible Data Models and Deployment Options

The platform is flexible, allowing users to design their data models according to their application's specific needs, with support for various data types. It is an open-source solution that can be self-hosted on users' servers or deployed on Contember Cloud.


Contember aims to provide an efficient way for developers to create and manage web applications, giving them the tools they need while maintaining control and adaptability over their projects.


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