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ClipGen - Turn Your Podcasts and Videos into Short Clips for Social Media

ClipGen is a platform that allows users to turn their podcasts or videos into short clips for sharing on social media. It offers various customizations, including adding subtitles and cropping for different social platforms [4]. The service uses a custom algorithm to identify the best clips from the uploaded content [1].

Users can try the new version of ClipGen for free by requesting access via email [2]. The pricing options include a free tier with limited features, such as 5 clips in 720p resolution and 60 upload minutes [3]. For higher resolutions and larger file uploads, there are paid tiers available.

ClipGen supports over 30 languages and enables users to add or edit subtitles in their native language [5]. The platform also provides options for customizations, such as adjusting subtitle text color and using face tracking [7].

It's important to note that the website is currently optimized for desktop usage, and mobile view is not yet supported [8].

For more information about the platform's privacy and terms of service, users can refer to the dedicated page [6]. Additionally, there is a disclaimer available for users to review [9].


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  2. Create Clips - ClipGen
  3. Pricing - ClipGen

Insights by AI

ClipGen appears to be a platform that caters to podcasters and content creators who want to repurpose their content for social media. The custom algorithm for identifying the best clips could be beneficial in saving time for users who may have long-form content but want to highlight the most engaging parts.

The option to support multiple languages and customize subtitles in native languages is a useful feature, especially for reaching diverse audiences. It's worth considering how well the platform handles languages other than English and how accurate the subtitles are for non-English content.

Since mobile usage is becoming increasingly common, the platform's lack of mobile support may be a potential drawback for some users. Ensuring compatibility with mobile devices could help expand its user base.

Overall, ClipGen seems to be a promising tool for content creators seeking to leverage their podcast or video content on social media platforms more effectively. Users interested in using the service should review the pricing options and features to determine the best fit for their needs.



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