Clearmind-World’s first personalised AI therapy platform to measure and elevate your emotional health.



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Clearmind.plus-World's first personalised AI therapy platform to measure and elevate your emotional health.

Clearmind is an AI-driven therapy platform that offers personalized guidance, emotional support, and mental health tracking. It aims to redefine therapy through AI intervention . The platform provides mood recommendations, meditation insights, to-do lists, and cognitive behavioral therapy insights . Clearmind offers benefits like daily journaling for improved emotional well-being. The service is free and anonymous, allowing users to openly express their feelings . ClearmindAI, the company behind the platform, focuses on measuring and enhancing well-being through guided journaling and mood detection. Clearmind International Institute offers personal growth and leadership development workshops.

How to ClerMind

Step 1: Express
Start talking. Literally, just get cozy, take out your device, and spill the beans! Rave about your neon socks or overshare your love for stargazing. The more you share, the more accurate the responses!

Step 2: Elevate
Next, try all our mood-based tools, they're on the house! Feeling zen? Meditate. Want to grow? Check out our to-dos. Or just mix it up for a total feel-good spree!

Step 3: Measure
Relax and effortlessly track your emotional journey. Discover intriguing patterns in your behavior, no extra clicks needed!

In summary

Clearmind is an innovative AI therapy platform offering personalized emotional support, mental health tracking, and cognitive behavioral insights. It also offers workshops, a cognitive formula, and relaxation devices to enhance well-being and mental clarity.

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