Cardinal- AI-enhanced product backlog tool for product management



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Cardinal: Enabling Product Teams to Build Measurable Features

Cardinal is a platform designed to empower product teams in their decision-making process. It utilizes customer feedback and revenue data to help teams determine what features to prioritize in their product development pipeline. This tool assists in making informed choices about what to build next, ultimately contributing to better product outcomes and customer satisfaction

Features and Integrations

Cardinal offers integrations, particularly with Salesforce, to provide customer details and revenue data, enhancing the decision-making process for product development[4]. It also allows users to connect their CRM, import feedback, feature lists, and sync with task management systems. All of this is aimed at helping teams visualize and prioritize their development efforts efficiently, without requiring coding skills or extensive manual work[6].

Platform Accessibility

Cardinal primarily functions on desktop computers, so users are advised to sign in using a desktop for the best experience[3].

Company Information

Cardinal operates under the legal name "Cardinal Web, Inc." and is classified as a for-profit company. They can be reached at [email protected][8].

Industry and Backing

Cardinal is part of the business/productivity software industry and is privately held with backing from an accelerator/incubator[9].


In summary, Cardinal is a platform that assists product teams in making data-driven decisions by incorporating customer feedback and revenue data into their product development process. It offers integrations with tools like Salesforce, making it easier for teams to access essential data for decision-making. Cardinal operates primarily on desktop computers, and the company is privately held with backing from an accelerator/incubator. This platform can be a valuable asset for businesses aiming to optimize their product development efforts and achieve better outcomes.



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