Cape Privacy – Protecting Sensitive Data through Encryption and Confidential Computing



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Cape Privacy - Protecting Sensitive Data through Encryption and Confidential Computing

Cape Privacy is a company that focuses on keeping sensitive data private through the use of confidential computing and encryption. Their main product, CapeChat, automatically encrypts and redacts sensitive information in documents, leveraging the power of the ChatGPT API [1]. The company enables developers to run serverless functions on encrypted user data, ensuring data confidentiality [4]. They offer different pricing plans, including a free option with 250k compute seconds per month [5]. Cape Privacy is headquartered in New York and Halifax, two locations known for their high regard for privacy [8].

Contacting Cape Privacy

For those interested in contacting Cape Privacy they can reach out via email or at their New York address [6]. The company also provides industry insights and news on data privacy and security [9] and offers career opportunities for those interested in joining their team [7].

In summary, Cape Privacy is a company that empowers developers to protect sensitive data through encryption and confidential computing, with a focus on ensuring data privacy and security. They offer a user-friendly solution in CapeChat and provide various resources and career opportunities for interested individuals.


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