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Intro Bruinen and the Company

Bruinen is a San Francisco-based company focused on digital identity solutions.The company is led by Tevon Strand-Brown, the CEO and Founder, and Tyler Dammann and Grant Pierce are part of the leadership as well.The team consists of developers, builders, and operators passionate about digital identity solutions.

Product and User Experience

They specialize in helping businesses build user-facing applications that securely connect to user accounts across various online platforms.

With their integration platform, Bruinen makes it easy for users to connect their accounts, choose what information to share, and present their unique online personas.

The company offers features like 3 lines of code integration, authentication, permission management, and rate limits handling to streamline the process.

Bruinen aims to simplify accessing end-user data and data source integration, ultimately reducing complexity for developers.

The team at Bruinen is committed to creating a reliable and safe environment for connecting user accounts across the internet.

The company's mission revolves around redefining digital identity and minimizing the need for traditional accounts.

Open Source

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