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Key Points: Display Holograms, 3D holographic display, GIF, 3D effects

Looking Glass Blocks: Share and Display Holograms

Looking Glass Blocks is a platform that allows you to share and embed holograms on the internet, accessible from any device. It enables you to cast these holograms directly onto Looking Glass displays, which are personal 3D holographic displays. Notably, these displays don't require a headset to experience the 3D effects.

Features and Benefits

The Looking Glass Portrait is a unique personal 3D holographic display that stands out as the only one of its kind in the world. Unlike traditional virtual reality setups, the Looking Glass Portrait does not necessitate the use of a headset. This innovation provides users with a new way to interact with 3D holograms.

The platform also showcases various creations, such as "Skulls" by Jay Howse and "Ember (portrait)" by Elemental, demonstrating the capabilities of Looking Glass technology.

For more information and to experience the Looking Glass Blocks and Looking Glass Portrait firsthand, you can visit their official website: blocks.glass.


Looking Glass Blocks presents an intriguing advancement in holographic technology by enabling hologram sharing and embedding, making it more accessible across different devices. The Looking Glass Portrait's standout feature of offering 3D holographic experiences without the need for a headset could potentially redefine how people engage with holograms. This technology has applications in various industries, from art and design to education and entertainment, offering a new way to visualize and interact with 3D content.



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