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An AI toolset that embeds directly into your Photoshop canvas

You can use it to render sketches, thumbnails, or simple doodles into stunning images. You can also quickly create directly from text input or other images, and integrate AI seamlessly into your workflow.

It offers a range of AI tools that help you effortlessly bring your imagination to life.

AlpacaML - AI Creative Tool for Image Generation

AlpacaML is an AI-powered creative tool designed for humans, offering image generation capabilities that can be directly integrated into Adobe Photoshop as a plugin [1]. It allows artists and designers to create stunning images with just a few simple words [6]. The platform combines the power of artificial intelligence with human skill to enhance the creative process [3].

To use the service, users can join the waitlist through the website [1]. The Terms of Use govern the contractual relationship between users and AlpacaML [4], and the Cookie Policy explains how cookies and similar technologies are used on their site and services [5].

Additionally, users can find support on Discord or via email [6]. For account-related activities, users can create an account or sign in [7].

The platform has gained attention in the art and technology community and has a presence on Twitter [8]. There is also a link to an external website, likely related to AlpacaML, called "getalpaca.io" [9].

In summary

AlpacaML is an innovative AI tool catered to artists and designers, offering them the ability to create impressive images using artificial intelligence within Adobe Photoshop. The platform's ease of use and integration with human creativity make it an appealing resource for the creative community.


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