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Abridge AI for Medical Conversations

Abridge is an AI-powered platform that aims to enhance medical conversations between doctors and patients. Their top-rated consumer app helps patients stay informed about their health, reducing the need for follow-up questions [1]. The company's mission is to bring more understanding and follow-through to every medical conversation [2].

For patients, Abridge records the details of their medical care, allowing them to be more present during appointments and better understand their health [3]. On the other hand, Abridge helps clinicians finish their notes quickly and easily in real-time, eliminating the need to wait for scribed documentation [4].

The platform uses machine learning to summarize medical conversations and extract structured data, which can be useful for coding, billing, and risk assessment [8]. They have rigorously tested modular pipelines for this purpose [8].

Abridge offers various use cases, including generating clinical notes, providing structured data and insights, and creating patient care plans [10].

To get started, users can download the "Testflight" app in the app store and create an account on Abridge's website [6].

As a company founded by patients, doctors, researchers, and technologists, Abridge emphasizes the importance of patient control over their health [9].

For further information or inquiries, users can contact Abridge at [email protected] [7].


Abridge serves as an innovative solution to improve medical conversations, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers with its AI-powered capabilities.


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